Powered by NextWorld, our mission is to improve the safety of your staff using Virtual Reality learning experiences in your workplace.

Employees can practice and conduct assessments in a variety of medium-high risk tasks before starting a job. These immersive experiences form an integral part of compliance training. Supported by the insights platform this is a huge step in the quality and management of health and safety related training. It’s time to Immerse yourself in the Next World.

Injuries relating to manual handling are amongst the most costly and common in the workplace, affecting the lives of people and the insurance costs of companies.

11% of workplace deaths are related to falls from heights. With proper training in how to safely conduct work at a height, these types of accidents can be easily avoided.

Fire hazards are a major risk in any workplace. Learn about the characteristics of fire, types of fire and equipment used to manage fires.

Minimise the risk associated with chainsaw operation. On-demand, on-site and on budget chainsaw safety knowledge ready when you need it.


Powerful Insights
for ultimate control

Providing both a content management system for VR learning experiences and using the data collected to generate analytics with insightful predictions for customers.


The insights platform provides the employer the tool to manage the schedule & training of your employees, highlighting competency gaps. It provides you new, rich veins of data and analytics, and never seen before Insightful predictions.


Coupled with the learning experiences, the insight platforms enhances the safety and welfare of your staff.

It's time to join the future of VR training.