Five product based businesses, four warehouse operatives, three levels of racking and two forklifts means one very busy warehouse unit.

Multi-business owner, Sam Hamilton, operates 5 different product based businesses from his large warehouse located within the depths of the Hampshire countryside.


After years of building and nurturing business relationships with various factories in China, Sam Hamilton now imports a large number of different products across five businesses. From aftermarket car products to BBQs to golf mats, Sam has spent a lot of time sourcing the best manufacturers to create the high quality products he has envisioned for his businesses.

With high stock counts, drop shipping fulfilment agreements and an ambitious business owner, the warehouse is fast paced and constantly evolving to meet all of these needs. But with increased growth, comes more responsibility, not only to the customers but to the staff as well.

Sam has built a dedicated warehouse team of operational staff, who have all been trained in the necessities of manual handling, forklift training etc, but he recognises the steps that need to be taken to maintain this standard of work.



To ensure that the warehouse remains a safe place to work, there is a need to manage and measure the competency of the warehouse operatives in a convenient but controlled setting. Sam explains: “I trust my staff completely and have no concerns regarding their training, but ongoing CPD would be extremely useful to ensure that they remain confident in their roles and responsibilities.”

“We get a high volume of products delivered to the warehouse, however due to shipping changes and increased freight costs some orders are being consolidated, meaning that some weeks are considerably busier than others. As our team is relatively small and we require containers to be emptied swiftly, safely and efficiently we employ agency staff to support us, but their levels of competency can be very hard to judge,” says Sam.


Keen to find a way to maintain staff competency Sam deployed Next World VR for his warehouse team to try. After getting to grips with the controls and understanding the headset, they began to feel the power of the technology and progressed through various learning experiences.

The warehouse team found that there were many benefits to Next World VR, particularly with regard to engagement which can be hard to sustain when learning about intense health and safety topics. Jordan, Warehouse Operative says: “The VR learning experiences had the ‘fun factor’ which allowed me to really concentrate on what was being said rather than trying to skip through a power point presentation. I’ve always preferred a vocational learning style as opposed to sat in a classroom, I would have loved to have completed all my exams in this way!”


Next World VR allow employees to practice and conduct assessments in a variety of medium-high risk tasks before starting a job. These immersive experiences form an integral part of compliance training. Supported by the insights platform this is a huge step in the quality and management of health and safety related training.

The insights platform provides the employer the tool to manage the schedule & training of your employees, highlighting competency gaps. It provides you new, rich veins of data and analytics, and never seen before Insightful predictions. Coupled with the learning experiences, the insight platforms are designed to enhance the safety and welfare of your staff.


Next World VR has made high-risk training available within a safe place with peace of mind for employers and minimal risk to participants. The experiences are thorough but allow learners to progress at their own speed ensuring that they’re able to absorb all the information without being overwhelmed. The insights platform allows management to identify gaps in knowledge and organise competency tests or additional training to ensure that all staff members remain safe at work.

Whilst Next World VR is all about virtual learning, the results are 100% real - step into the future and change the way you view health and safety training. It’s time to immerse yourself in the Next World.